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Staff Spotlight: Nicole Tebeau

Vinfen Assistant Team Leader Nicole Tebeau, LMHC, recently presented on behalf of Vinfen aThe Metro Boston Crisis Intervention Team Training (CIT) on March 31 in Andover, MA. These trainings are coordinated by the Somerville Police Department, funded by Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, and are attended by police officers from different departments across Massachusetts.

29 officers representing 10 different departments were in attendance. Nicole presented on Vinfen’s Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS), how these services support people with mental health conditions, and on the types of potential interactions between law enforcement and the Vinfen community. “Being able to present at each CIT training is one of my favorite aspects of my job. At the end of each presentation, we have a collaborative discussion about challenges the officers may be having when responding to calls, and I always learn something new to bring back to Vinfen,” Nicole explained.

The goal of the 40-hour police officer training is to increase the understanding and use of community behavioral health resources and to establish best practices when it comes to intervening with people in crisis. After the completion of this course, police officers are better equipped with knowledge and skills that can be utilized when responding to people with mental health conditions, disabilities, and/or substance misuse challenges.

This type of training has proved both beneficial and essential. A noteworthy HBO film, Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops, which was featured in March as part of Vinfen’s 14th Annual Moving Images Film Festival, highlighted the benefits of officers taking the CIT training. Nicole, who also attended the virtual event, really enjoyed how the two main officers, Ernie Stevens and Joe Smarro, brought a different perspective that so many people can relate to, which increases both interest and engagement in these types of trainings and increases support for the mental health community.

You can check out the film festival’s recorded panel here featuring star Ernie Stevens and other content experts.

Way to go Nicole! Thank you for representing Vinfen and highlighting all the benefits of CIT training for both law enforcement and people in need.

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