Cove Clubhouse

Located in Harwichport Massachusetts, Cove Clubhouse is a community of support for individuals with mental health conditions. The Clubhouse is a voluntary membership program, with activities based around the interests, needs, and goals of its membership.

Clubs focus on peer support and the empowerment of its membership. Strengths of members are celebrated, which provides the opportunity to live, learn, and engage in meaningful work, while contributing to the Club community.


Arts-Based Rehabilitation

Clubhouses recognize the powerful role that artistic expression can play in a person’s recovery. Members have access to a studio workspace, art supplies, and peer support where they can develop themselves as a professional artist or use creativity as a form of therapy.

Staff and members also work together to set up art exhibits that are open to the community where each artist can display and sell their works.


Each Club offers supported educational opportunities where staff and members partner together to help with each other’s educational goals. Supports may include developing individualized learning plans, computer skills development, GED preparations, tutoring, vocational training, and assistance with college or financial aid applications.


Clubhouses provide a variety of employment services that empower its members to regain their self-confidence in the workplace by obtaining paid jobs in different fields of work. Transitional, Supported, or Independent Employment programs are available where participants receive varying levels of support depending on their needs. Clubs also develop relationships with local businesses, which lead to fruitful and competitively paid positions.

Health & Wellness

All Clubhouses believe that self-care is essential and that one’s wellness stems from the integration of all dimensions of health including mental, emotional, physical, and social. Wellness offerings may include Dual Recovery Anonymous meetings, substance use and recovery information, access to community-based supports, group fitness activities, meditation and mindfulness resources, smoking cessation workshops, social activities, and more.


Members receive a variety of customized supports to help in locating, acquiring, and maintaining housing that is both safe and affordable. Supports include finding housing options within specific budgets, negotiation support, development of independent living skills, maintaining households during times of hospitalization, and identifying resources such as movers and cleaning services.

Life Skills Development

Clubhouse members can develop life skills that are needed to achieve greater independence within their lives. Staff and members work together to provide support in areas such as budgeting, house management, shopping and cooking, personal care and safety, stress management, relationship building, and integration within the community.

Social & Recreational Activities

As a Clubhouse member, individuals can meet new people, develop meaningful relationships, build self-confidence, and practice interpersonal and communications skills. Clubs offer members a variety of social and recreational opportunities such as on-site events and activities, the development of collaborative communal social calendars, and reduced-cost or complimentary access to community happenings.


If you would like to refer someone for membership, or to become a member yourself, please contact Cove Clubhouse to discuss eligibility and request an application.


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Events at Vinfen and our clubhouses embody our values and mission of transforming lives together. Each event has a unique purpose or initiative where our staff, the people we serve and their families, community partners, and supporters are celebrated, essential funds are raised, and platforms are established to increase awareness and resources to better serve our community.

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Sabrina Kreber
Program Director


Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Sunday: Closed
Holidays: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


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