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Vinfen is pleased to announce that the 2021 Board of Directors Scholarship winners are Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) Housing Specialist Jennifer Beirne and Adult Clinical Care Services (ACCS) Peer Specialist Kristina Rowshan.

Each year, this award is presented in recognition of outstanding achievement of a staff member and to help employees further their skills, education, and career enhancement at Vinfen.

Ms. Beirne has been at Vinfen for four years and will soon be adding on even more time at Vinfen interning with us as part of her Master of Social Work degree at Boston University. Upon receiving the award, she shared, “Life is about doing your best and taking chances. When I was hired, Vinfen took a big chance on me, a woman with little experience and a lot of passion. Over the past few years my Vinfen family and the company have supported me through completing my undergraduate degree. As a human services company, it is clear that if we are our best, we can give our best to each individual we serve. I am eternally thankful that Vinfen took that chance on me, saw a person who had a desire to grow, and continues to support my journey.”

Ms. Rowshan was hired at Vinfen two years ago and is also working on her Master of Social Work degree at Boston University. Upon receiving the award, she shared, “Vinfen has given me the opportunity to do the work I have been dreaming of doing since I was much younger and on my own journey into recovery. With this scholarship and my continued education, I am gaining the knowledge and expertise I need to continue living out that dream and better support our persons served.”

The Board of Directors Scholarship is generously funded by Vinfen’s board members who firmly believe in supporting continuing education and professional development opportunities for Vinfen staff members. A big congratulations to both winners and thank you to all applicants!

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